Playlist for Life

Playlist for Life

Music can help the person shine through

Playlist for Life harnesses the powerful effects of personal music to help anyone who is affected by dementia, their families and carers.

Whether it’s the music from a first dance, lullabies from childhood or a theme tune from a favourite TV show, music has the ability to take us back in time and remind us of our past, giving you that flashback feeling.

Sharing your songs and memories can help people living with dementia connect with family, friends and carers.

Themed Playlists

Gift a Playlist

We’re entering the festive period where people start to think of gifts for loved ones. North Lanarkshire Libraries wants to create a musical gift for the community by building a Gift a Playlist playlist for everyone to enjoy.

Help us build it by submitting the songs that you’ve enjoyed this year using the form below. It doesn’t need to be a new song. Just want that you’ve found yourself listening to a lot this year.

Submit your song here:

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    Catch the Playlist below:

    Don’t forget you can like the playlist on Spotify to enjoy this festive musical gift from the North Lanarkshire community.

    If you want to create your playlist to gift to someone, Playlist for Life have some fantastic advice on their website. Check out these two links for some great help with creating your own playlists to gift to someone special:

    Playlist for Life Christmas Campaign Page

    Playlist for Life ‘How to Make a Playlist’ Guide

    Follow North Lanarkshire Libraries on Spotify

    You can follow our profile on Spotify and drop by the profile regularly to see all of our Playlist for Life-related playlists.

    Currently, you’ll find our Revenge of the Legwarmers playlist, National Playlist Day 2022 playlist, a Time to Talk playlist and our #MyFestiveMemory playlists and more – some of which were created by staff in our libraries and another by people in North Lanarkshire. You can like any of our playlists to get access to them from your own account at any time.

    Playlist for Life Help Points

    There are Playlist for Life Help Points in Airdrie Library, Bellshill Cultural Centre, Coatbridge Library, Cumbernauld Library, Motherwell Library and Wishaw Library.

    The Help Points serve as a focal point for our library members to find out more about the transformative effects of making their own playlist.


    To support the Playlist for Life project, we have 100 Years: A Century of Songs eBooks available via BorrowBox.

    Each eBook explores the top 100 songs from each decade from 1910 through to 2010.

    Find Out More

    If you’re interested in finding out more about Playlist for Life, listen in to our podcast featuring Pam Ribbeck from the Playlist for Life team.